Brussels hotel sees 25% increase in F&B in-room sales with InnSpire

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Brussels, Belgium (2016-04-18):  In January 2016 Holiday Inn Brussels Airport began using the sales features from InnSpire’s intelligent hotels solution across all 310 of its rooms and they immediately profited from the decision. During January and February 2016, they saw in-room sales of F&B increase by 25% from their previous levels.

As a busy hotel situated just five minutes from the airport and just a 15 minute train journey from Brussels city centre it has a high turnover of guests and business travellers. It’s important then to have a system that both increases efficiency and maximises revenue. Yet even the hotel management was amazed by the results that the upgrade to InnSpire gave.

General Manager Dion Maes says,

“Room Service profits have increased considerably.”

“It is a very user friendly system, which can be adapted to the individual needs of your hotel. Clients are delighted with the freedom it provides and we are more than happy with the revenue it generates.”

CEO and Co-founder of InnSpire, Martin Chevalley says,

“All technology companies make promises to hotels to get their business and we understand that.”

“We believe the evidence and the data should speak for itself so when we say we can help hotels optimize their operations, entertain better and sell more to their guests it’s not just sales talk – but real evidence of fantastic ROI.”

Brussels travellers are recommended to visit the newly renovated Holiday Inn Brussels Airport, which features a huge open bar and restaurant area, great connectivity and very friendly and proactive staff.



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Martin ChevalleyBrussels hotel sees 25% increase in F&B in-room sales with InnSpire