Sm@rter than TV.
The InnCable™ from InnSpire is your key to making any TV smart. The cable is the computer.
Connect one end to an Ethernet socket (PoE optional) and one end to the HDMI-port of the TV – and you are up and running with a connected solution!
“For sure, this is the way forward”
Stefan Viard
General Manager, ME by Melia, Dubai
Why InnCable™?
In short, we wanted to create the easiest to use, smallest, but yet the most powerful device possible. We had been batteling with the option of going “built-in”, using the features of the ”smart TVs”. But from speaking to hoteliers and technology specialists from all over the world, we got the same message – those TVs aren’t really so smart. If you have ever tried opening a web browser or trying to launch your favorite media service on one of those, you know how klunky that can be.
With the InnCable™ , we wanted to keep the power of a set top box, without having to compromise and limit ourselves to the options of a smart TV. Suddenlly we realized – there will always be a cable from the wall (Ethernet) to the TV (HDMI) anyway – so what if that was the computer! What if the cable was the box!
“InnSpire has a history of very forward-thinking and innovative products”
Doug Rice, Co-founder, HTNG
How is the InnCable™ connected?
The InnCable™ is virtually a computer in a cable. It needs power to operate, a network connection to provide communications and Internet, and a video-out connection to display the image.
So in order to get power, the InnCable™ can either run on PoE (power over Ethernet) through the network (InnSpire PoE converter required), be plugged in with a normal 5W micro-USB cable (like many smart-phones) or the InnCable™ can get power from the USB port of a modern TV (model dependent).
The InnCable™ prefers to be connected through Ethernet. This gives the most stable and reliable network connection. This is why one end of the InnCable™ is an Ethernet port, made to be plugged into a network (Ethernet) socket.
The InnCable™ can also run on Wi-Fi. This is not as realible as Wi-Fi networks are influenced by other networks in the area, and there tends to be congestion and overlaps of Wi-Fi networks which can significantly reduce their performance and reliability. But as long as it is done right this can be a good option!
What about the TV-signal?
The InnCable™ is an Android™ Set top Box, so it supports TV over IPTV and works just like other InnSpire hardware, with TV-signal, channel-lists, and the possibility of EPG and IPG. If the TV-signal is over IP, it will come through the Ethernet connection, trhough the Internet, and the channels will be played and displayed through the InnCable™ on the TV.
If there isn’t IPTV but only Coax, then since there is no QAM or DVB-T/C/S tuner in the InnCable™, the TV signal will have to go like normally – through the Coax tuner of the television. The experience will still be very similar for the guest however. The InnCable™ will be connected on HDMI-1 of the TV and control everything interactive and related to the InnSpire solution. When the guest clicks on TV, or presses the TV-button on the remote, the InnCable™ will tell the TV to switch to Coax, and the TV-channels will be displayed. The InnCable™ will still control everyting, such as channel up/down, volume up/down, etc. At any point, the guest can switch back from Coax to the interactive mode (i.e. the InnCable™ on HDMI-1).
The InnCable™ is controlled just like all InnSpire solutions – with your choice of InnSpire remote-control. The InnSpire solutions have an RF (Radio Frequency) input, which allows easy control, and doesn’t require “line of sight”.
The InnSpire remote-control API
Inquire about our optional remote control API in order to integrate control of the InnCable™ into your own App or software. This can illuminate the need for a physical remote-control in the room, and allow for simple navigation throught the guests’ own smartphones or tablets.
InnCable™ features
The InnSpire InnCable™ is “Sm@rt(er) than TV”. It’s an full-fledged Android™ solution – in a cable! Just connect one end to the Ethernet and the other to the HDMI-port of your TV – and the solution is connected and ready to go.
Optimal for InnSpire 3.0
The InnCable™ is optimized for the new InnSpire 3.0 – the most cost-effective and versatile InnSpire solution ever.

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