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Winner of HTNG Most Innovative Hospitality Technology Award:
1. Sell more
2. Entertain better
3. Track - analyze - optimize!


InnSpire helps hotels around the world to Sell more, Entertain better and to Analyze and optimize the results.
Our lightweight, easy to install "Any-screen" branded software, runs - without any Apps or downloads - on any device - from the iPhone and iPad to Android-phones and tablets, and even the TV in the room - any brand or size.
Through our "H-commerce" solution, guests can buy the products and services they want, 24/7 digitally! Offers, products, services, information... anything the hotel wants to sell, promote or communicate. We generate increases in revenue while we cut costs, and provide world-class IPTV, entertainment, connectivity and data analytics.

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InnSpire wins HTNG Most Innovative Hospitality Technology Award


InnSpire – the winner of HTNG’s prestigious Most Innovative Hospitality Technology Award offer the world’s most comprehensive solution for hotels, while being the easiest to use and implement too. Our Guest Media Streaming has quickly become extremely popular as it lets guests stream their own content from their handhelds – no matter if it’s  iOS® Airplay®, Mirroring®, Android®, DLNA® or Miracast®! Read a quick-sheet on wireless streaming here!

 InnSpire is really a 24/7 digital sales-tool for any device throughout the hotel. But it’s also TV system imaginable. An in room entertainment system. A digital signage solution. A hotel social media marketing tool. Yes! All of the above – but without the fuzz, the excessive costs, the heavy servers and the ridiculously long contracts.

Martin Chevalley, CEO & Co-founder,
InnSpire - Intelligent Hotel & Hospitality Solutions,

The any-screen concept lets my guests instantly interact with my hotel on any screen they carry – their own iPhone, iPad, Android-device, and the TV – no Apps, no downloads!

Marion Flipse,
Marketing, Pandox Hotel Operations,