A Selection of Success Stories from Around the World



InnSpire is proud to continue the rewarding cooperation with Grand Hôtel Stockholm thus making the hotel one of the first luxury hotels in Sweden to upgrade to InnSpire’s 3rd generation hardware – including Chromecast functionality. InnSpire has added the function of Google Chromecast making it more powerful and user friendly than ever before. Guests can use their own devices to stream their own entertainment from leading providers such as Netflix and HBO without any fuss or any downloads. The system works with both Android and iPhone devices so every guest can enjoy the most personal entertainment selection a hotel can offer on the hotel TV – their own.

“Guests staying at the Grand Hôtel rightly expect the highest quality experience with the maximum convenience when they stay with us. The technology has to be seamless, simple and sophisticated. Our ongoing partnership with InnSpire means our guests will continue to enjoy unparalleled access to our unique services while offering an unrivalled personal touch by allowing them to access their own music of films on the room TV.”

Madeleine Barck

Hotel Manger

Grand Hôtel Stockholm



The iconic Le Grand Hotel Cannes, on Boulevard de la Croisette, with its 75 premium rooms on the pristine French Riviera has become the latest hotel to upgrade to the award-winning Mobile and IPTV Guest Engagement Solution from InnSpire. The patent-pending hardware is really an engineering marvel, putting the power of the latest Android solutions, in a format that isn’t much thicker than a normal HDMI-cable.

Mr Raybaud, the General Manager says:

“We wanted the best solution that could match the level of innovation that our guests expect, and when we saw the InnCable we know we’ve found it! Both from a space-saving perspective and from a cost-saving perspective, that was perfect. We could invest in great – but much less expensive TVs – at probably half the price we had budgeted, and by adding the InnCable, still get the world’s most modern and advanced solution. We are very excited..”

DAMAC Hotels & Resorts

DAMAC Hotels & Resorts, the hospitality arm of luxury real estate developer, DAMAC Properties, has announced that it has signed an exclusive contract with InnSpire, a global provider of guest engagement solutions for leading hotels around the world. Under the new agreement, 4000 units across 15 properties within the portfolio of DAMAC Hotels & Resorts, will be upgraded to the InnSpire Guest Engagement solution in 2016 and 2017.

“At DAMAC Hotels & Resorts we have several key values that drive us including thoroughly understanding our guests’ needs, whilst innovating in order to enhance the guest experience and maintaining our competitive-edge in the luxury hospitality industry. InnSpire was the obvious choice for us to partner with to provide both an elegant and superior experience for the guest while simultaneously providing us, as the operators, with the data and information we need to meet and surpass our guest’s high standards.”

Tim Fallon

Vice President for Corporate Communications

DAMAC Properties


LUX*South Ari Atoll

Guests atort LUX*South Ari Atoll are now able to use InnSpire’s Guest Media Streaming service to bring their own music, photos and movies to the entertainment systems in their accommodation.

LUX*South Ari Atoll has become the latest five-star resort in the Maldives to choose InnSpire’s intelligent hotel solutions on the postcard-perfect island of Dhidhoofinolhu. The guests have immediately embraced their new opportunities, and quickly the screen-casting (guest media streaming function) has become the No1 feature used.

“InnSpire has proven to be a great success – and in fact the most used feature, together with in-room sales, SPA-bookings and other great features.”

Glenn Daniels

General Manager

LUX*South Ari Atoll


Holiday Inn Brussels Airport

As a busy hotel situated just five minutes from the airport and just a 15 minute train journey from Brussels city centre, Holiday Inn Brussels Airport has a high turnover of guests and business travelers. When Holiday Inn Brussels Airport began using the sales features from InnSpire’s intelligent hotels solution across all 310 of its rooms and they immediately profited from their decision – in-room sales of F&B increases by 25% from their previous levels!

“Room Service profits have increased considerably. It is a very user friendly system, which can be adapted to the individual needs of your hotel. Clients are delighted with the freedom it provides and we are more than happy with the revenue it generates”

Dion Maes

General Manager

Holiday Inn Brussels Airport


TIDAL – High Fidelity Music Streaming

Global music and entertainment platform TIDAL has created TIDAL Business to enable businesses to legally stream music. TIDAL Business also has a jukebox capability allowing customers the options of selecting music and gives hotels the option of selling airtime to other local businesses. Working with Stockholm based InnSpire and using their Guest Wireless Streaming capabilities, Urban House can now create play-lists for different areas of the hotel and at different times of the day or night. It is fluid, responsive and ensures the beat of the music matches the pulse of the hotel.

“We’ve known for a long time that each hotel is unique but at the same time needs to represent its brand. Now they can legally play an unlimited selection from our catalogue of 36 million tracks and 86,000 music videos creating different vibes and moods in different parts of the hotel. If Urban House wasn’t the coolest hotel in Copenhagen before, it is now.”

Kai Eggert


TIDAL Business



The Godfrey Hotel Boston, the latest addition to The Godfrey Hotel luxury lifestyle hotel brand,has rolled out its implementation of Stockholm-based InnSpire to provide leading edge Mobile & IPTV services to all Godfrey Hotel Boston guests. In adopting this cutting edge hospitality technology, The Godfrey Hotel Boston becomes the first Boston hotel to offer InnSpire services on site.

Every Godfrey Hotel Boston room is outfitted with InnSpire’s award-winning “Guest Streaming” technology, allowing guests to use personal mobile devices to stream photos, videos, and music of their choice directly to the 55” HDTV in their room. Simultaneously, guests are able to access hotel amenities such as room service, concierge information, and in-room spa services.

“We want to modernize how travellers view boutique hotels by flipping the paradigm and creating a superior experience that is completely focused on how people are living today. In partnering with InnSpire, we now have the opportunity to create a guest experience that is authentic and luxurious, allowing access to the familiar comforts of home through advanced technology.”

Larry Casillo

General Manager

The Godfrey Hotel Boston


Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel

Radisson Blu Lillehammer has become the latest hotel in Norway to partner with InnSpire,Sweden’s industry leading hotel technology firm. Now guests in all 303 rooms & suites will be able to experience the simplicity & elegance of InnSpire’s award winning system. InnSpire’s app-less technology allows every guest to access hotel services from anywhere in the hotel and with the Guest Media Streaming system play their own music through the TV in their room.

“We cater both to the business customer and the traveller or skier looking to enjoy the breath-taking natural beauty of Lillehammer. Both types of guest today expect to be digitally connected during their stay and be able to use their own devices and media. Behind the scenes we also need technology to improve the efficiency of our services throughout the hotel and our partnership with InnSpire improves how we do both these things.”

Anstein Krekke

General Manager

Radisson Blu Lillehammer



Guests at the 134 luxury villas PER AQUUM Niyama resort are now able to use InnSpire’s Guest Media Streaming service to play their own music, photos and movies to enjoy their time away even more.

It is not simply this personal touch, however, that makes InnSpire the perfect choice for PER AQUUM Niyama. An integral part of many guests’ stays include the unparalleled opportunities that the Maldives offer; whether it is lunch at underwater playground, Subsix, diving in the coral reefs, an expedition with the resident marine biologist or just making a sunset reservation at one of the resorts’ fine-dining restaurants.

“PER AQUUM Hotels & Resorts set out to create properties that are visionary, imaginative and naturally modern and to deliver highly personalised service for our discerning guests. We are committed to creating a bespoke experience for every guest which makes InnSpire a logical choice for us. Our guests can customise their stay with their own personal choice of media and Innspire enables us to tailor our offers to meet their needs and surpass their expectations.”

Dietmar Koegerl

General Manager




At Urban House, the new funky 950 bed hotel in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, the crown of the lobby space is called the Live Wall, a part of the Guest Engagement Solution from InnSpire. The Live Wall is comprised of several huge screens, displaying a live flow of the latest social media, photos, comments and uploads from guests – inside and outside the hotel. It becomes an ever-changing mosaic of events, excursions, people, places and faces. Simply put a great way for people to connect and share!

“We wanted this to be very different from any other hotel out there. This is more of a live playground where youngsters, travelers and explorers – young and old – can meet, share experiences and live life. InnSpire’s solution, particularly the Live Wall makes our whole concept come alive. Guests are finding all their information, guides, tours etc through InnSpire, and the social aspects have exploded thanks to the Live Wall.”

Thomas Bagger

Urban Manager

Urban House, Copenhagen



The Thief in Oslo has quickly become an iconic destination for those who are “in the know”. Constantly trending as #1 on recommendation-sites, and with special events, concerts and guests, The Thief offers something that is truly unique in the world – personal service and discrete luxury, for the global elite travellers. When The Thief looked to remove the basic old systems they were stuck with, the choice fell on InnSpire. The results have been astounding and the InnSpire solution is now an intricate part of The Thief’s unique experience.

“Here at The Thief, we have made it our ambition and goal to treat rock stars as guests and guests as rock stars. This demand for quality in every aspect of the guest experience is why we chose InnSpire as our technology provider. Not only does it allow the guest to customize their stay with their own personal choice of media but it gives us the critical information we need to further improve our offers and services.”

Dominic Gorham

Guest Relation Manager

The Thief, Oslo, Norway



When Grand Hôtel – Stockholm’s most prestigious hotel were due to replace their legacy solutions in terms of guest entertainment and interaction, they turned to InnSpire. As InnSpire have pioneered the shift away from hotels needing to create their own app or host heavy servers, InnSpire helps reducing costs for hotels while at the same time increasing the interaction a guest has with the hotel. By simply logging onto the hotel’s Wifi, guests can use their mobile devices to stream photos, videos or music of their choice directly to the TV in their room.

“At the Grand Hôtel we strive to ensure that our guests’ experience the best of everything. Today’s traveller expects a seamless digital experience. Our partnership with InnSpire means our guests can easily access our services from anywhere in the hotel and feel more at home because they can play their own music or films when enjoying their room.”

Pia Djupmark


Grand Hotel Stockholm



The Vida Brand is the latest to be rolled out by Emaar Hospitality Group, the hospitality and leisure subsidiary of Emaar Properties PJSC in Dubai. Located near the tallest tower in the world, Vida downtown Dubai is a modern and trendy accommodation suitable for leisure and business trips. The hotel is just a short walk from Burj Khalifa, eclectic souks, The Dubai Mall and The Dubai Fountain, and a short drive from the beaches and much more. In short, Vida truly represents an urban hub where inspiring minds stay, play and connect. Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties, said: “The profile of today’s global traveller is changing, with a more youthful, upwardly mobile audience now seeking a distinct hospitality experience to suit their needs. Vida will add life to the hotel stays of this increasingly important tourist community, delivering an intimate touch but also the freedom they expect.” Therefore, the choice for Vida to roll out the InnSpire solution with the new brand was natural. Mr. Stefan Viard, the General Manager of Vida Downtown Dubai explains:

“We want to achieve a closer relationship with our guests, and deliver anything they may need at any moment – but without being intrusive. To manage that, we need great, useable technology that works on our guests’ terms, through the TVs and even on their own devices, like their iPhones, iPads, Android-devices, etc – without any downloads or installations. With InnSpire, we can offer products, services, entertainment, information and so much more, on every TV in the hotel, and on every device in our guests’ pockets 24/7 – so we are always there when guests need us. They love it, and we love it, and the sales we have seen shows that it works.”

Stefan Viard

General Manager

Vida Downtown Duba


Stefan Viard, General Manager at Vida Downtown Dubai and Martin Chevalley, CEO of InnSpire, discuss the re-branded hotel and its fancy new software.



Hotel BLOOM! is most likely Europe’s trendiest hotel. Not only did it invite 287 creative young artists from different European countries to paint the rooms of the hotel and make it something unique for the guests, but they also have a unique young and very catchy atmosphere, from the entrance, to the decoration and now even to their TVs and guests’ handheld devices. “To bloom” means “to open”, “to grow or to flourish” what totally echoes throughout the hotel and the open and creative feeling it represents.

Jan Henningson, GM and the man behind the vision, together with Brand Manager Margot Muys explains:

“We are very excited to bring our complete brand experience to the digital world. Using InnSpire’s software, we aim to serve our guests better, by being able to present better and more relevant offers, while we offer top-class entertainment and communications in terms of Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, TV, music and much more, across all the devices. The future is really in our hands now!”

Jan Henningsen

General Manager

Hotel BLOOM!

Margot continues:

“We are consistently working to achieve a unique brand-experience throughout the entire hotel, and all our communication channels. With InnSpire we have been able to bring this brand experience to the mobile devices and the tablets that guests nowadays use more than just the TV in the room. The result is above and beyond what we expected, and our brand now truly comes to life across all platforms!”

Margot Muys

General Manager

Hotel BLOOM!


The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), one of the world’s leading hospitality business management schools and a part of the global luxury hotel company, Jumeirah Group has embarked on a joint research project with Swedish hotel intelligence software company InnSpire. The research project will serve to better understand the behaviors, needs and wishes of the luxury traveler.

Dr. Stuart A Jauncey, Dean of EAHM explains:

“Based on our experience and academic background in the hospitality environment, I dare say that we have a very clear gut-feeling of what drives our guests’ behavior and choices. But working with InnSpire, we’ll be able to start quantifying this based on actual usage and actions. It’s very exciting indeed.”

Dr. Stuart A Jauncey


The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

Using InnSpire’s software component “Analytics and Optimization” the EAHM and InnSpire research team will collect and analyze anonymous guest data, on a macro-level, to see trends and patterns in the guests’ behaviors. Martin Chevalley, co-founder and CEO of InnSpire continues, “By understanding what guests want, and when they want it, we can help hotels to tailor their offerings, their bundles, and their timings to better suit the wishes of the guests. A fantastic extension would be if we could even help hotels allocate staff based on the predicted demand both for rooms, but more importantly for services and products that guests buy within the hotel!”


Clarion Hotel Stockholm is located in Södermalm in Stockholm, a district known for its cultural heritage, boutiques, restaurants, galleries and parks. With a total of 532 rooms and a conference capacity of over 1000 people, the Clarion Hotel Stockholm is one of Stockholm’s largest conference and hotel complexes. The hotel is characterized by music, art and design to create a vibrant and lively meeting place and the ambition is to raise the quality of life when in Stockholm.

Mrs. Susanna Ståhl, the vibrant GM of Clarion Stockholm, knew she wanted to bring people closer to the experience that hotel had to offer. With a vast number of guests, great occupancy rates mostly year-round, plus many walk-in guests enjoying the various bars and restaurants, Susanna knew she was sitting on a goldmine, that just needed to be squeezed ever so slightly to improve both profitability and guest satisfaction.

“The solution from InnSpire allows our guests to be in constant contact with us – if they like. We are a modern, innovative and brave hotel, and I want this to be experienced from when our guests enter our doors until we wave them goodbye – InnSpire helps us keep this experience unified and omnipresent.”

Susanna Ståhl

General Manager

Clarion Hotel Stockholm

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