InnSpire 3.0

What you need, when you need it

InnSpire 3.0 is our most powerful, versatile and cost-effective connectivity solution ever.
Want it all and want it now?

IPTV, iOS™-streaming, Chromecast™, music, movies and games in one amazingly sleek and intelligent solution.

Dumber is smarter (when choosing TV)

Thanks to the revolutionary InnCable , any TV is now smart. Just plug in the Ethernet Cable to your network and the HDMI to the TV, and you’ve got the smartest solution on the planet – up and running.

Plug n’ Display

Installation has never been simpler. If you know how to connect an HDMI- and Ethernet cable, you already know how to connect the InnCable.


The InnCable supports most IPTV formats out of the “box”.

iOS™ streaming

The InnCable supports most IPTV formats out of the “box”.

Chromecast™ streaming

In our cooperation with Googe™, the InnSpire InnCable running InnSpire 3.0 supports integration of the Google™ Chromecast™ device, supporting streaming of all supported services, such as Netflix and many others.


Thanks to the Android™ platform, guests can run their own versions of their popular music applications, such as Spotify™


The Android™ platform allows guests to run their own versions of their popular movies applications, such as Netflix™

InnSpire 3rd party API

The InnSpire API makes it possible to control the InnSpire solutions from other devices such as mobile phones, tablets and 3rd party Apps. Using the API requires a key from InnSpire as well as some integration. Please contact us to inquire about costs and procedures for integration.

Any color – as long as it is black

In order to maximize cost-efficiency, the InnSpire 3.0 interface comes pre-loaded and allows for very limited adaptions. Against a fee, a logo can be added, and minor adjustments can be made, but this is a “out of a the cable” solution.


For those seeking more adaptations and personalization, we recommend the InnSpire full solution, Click Here which supports more features and adaptations.

Priya VijayvergiaInnSpire 3.0